Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Signature Fragment on Cloth

Signature Fragment, crêpe de chine, draped
Back in June, I enlarged the scale and changed the colors in the signature fragment (see earlier version  here) and had Spoonflower print it on their cotton-silk and their crêpe de chine.

Signature Fragment, cotton-silk, draped
This design is for sale at my Spoonflower shop. It can be printed on 12 different fabrics (two are shown here) . . . also as decals, gift wrap or wallpaper!

You can also play around with the design to see how it looks as gift wrap or wallpaper for free!

You can see the fabrics undraped (and unironed) below. Click to enlarge the images.

fat quarter crêpe de chine
½ yard cotton-silk

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Signature Fragment

Signature Fragment
In an earlier post, I showed how I use small fragments from watercolor paintings to create repeating patterns. This fragment is from the same painting shown in that post. It is like a signature, revealing the lines my hand inherently produces with a brush.

The colors were changed on IrfanView and then made into mosaics via MosaicMaker.

Many formats are possible. I prefer the 5x5 mosaics.

Then I put the mosaic back into IrfanView and changed the colors with a few keystrokes.

In my next post, I'll show how this signature fragment looks printed on cloth but meanwhile, you might enjoy an egg created on MosaicMaker! Et voila!

A Riot of Color

Photos from my deck before I went away. The pansies did not survive my week-long absence. O well, it is mid-summer . . . not really a time for pansies if you have no shade on your deck . . . but photos let us keep on lookin'!

See the bee in the third photo . . . on the left side.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

From Plein Air to Cotton

Fabric printed by Spoonflower
Watercolor Painting
At least five years ago, a friend and I spent an afternoon doing plein air painting.

While I did not like my painting that much, I did like the textures I created. Some time later, I cropped small areas from the painting and manipulated the color using IrfanView.

5x5 mosaic created on MosaicMaker
From MosaicMaker to Spoonflower
For a while I played around with MosaicMaker making countless images. Eventually, I sent the designs to Spoonflower. This was one of the first fabrics I had them print for me. Later this week, I'll post more textiles designs that sprung from this same watercolor painting. You can view more of my textile designs in my Spoonflower shop. Spoonflower has expanded from printing fabrics to decals, gift wrap, and wallpaper!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Woven Yellow and Gray

Spoonflower Swatch
This is one of many fabrics I designed and had printed by Spoonflower.

8"x8" swatch
100% silk
crepe de chine
from the Woven series

Crepe de Chine
I have fallen hard for Spoonflower's silk crepe de chine with its beautiful sheen and soft hand. I love the way it loves color. I hope to learn how to post videos so that you can see how beautiful it is in motion. It's hard to convey the hand of a fabric with a still photo.

This design belongs to a series I've named Woven. It was taken from one of my watercolors . . . a small section that depicts a woven texture -- a checkerboard of vertical and horizontal lines. A close-up of the painting, posted long ago, may be of interest. I find my commentary interesting. Even when that painting was new, I was thinking about making it into wallpaper or fabric! That was before Spoonflower went into business. Spoonflower originally printed fabrics; now they have expanded into into decals and wallpaper!

Color and Texture Edits
I used IrfanView to manipulate the colors. I further edited the colors and textures on the Spoonflower site. Honestly, I changed it so many times, so long ago, that I don't remember exactly how I created this design. I love the fresh yellow and gray combo. I just feel good inside when I look at it. Bright but soft.


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